Hello! It's me again, Buckminster Duck. Some of you may know that I was named after Buckminster Fuller, a man of deep passion and vision. We are truly birds of feather, and as you've seen so far, I'm a duck with a QUACK to be reckoned with.
And I'm not alone in QUACK CITY – not by a long shot.

Our colorful community abounds with a veritable flock of feathered personalities who continuously LAUGH, THINK and QUACK without a filter. You never know which politician, celebrity or scaaaaaandalous newsmaker will pop in for a QUICK QUACK or two. We play fair – there are no sacred cows here. No matter if they are red or blue, left or right, everyone's held accountable. Oh, the fun we'll have with those who tweak our tail feathers!

Click on the duck and get to know the feathered gang with whom I hang!

makes my heart go pitter-pat and pitter. He is my one and only duck. Right now we are "perpetually engaged". The vow we've taken is to get married only when marriage is legal for everyone. Until then, it's all unbridled XOXOXOXOXOX...I know, get a pond!
SMOOCH toons
he's mostly sunny side up, frequently over easy and sometimes scrambled, but never too hard-boiled. Yes, he does come out of his shell, and when does…well, he's rather naughty. What did you expect? This little wise-quacker is my alter ego.
EGG toons
this silly duck keeps himself and everyone else spinning in circles. So what if he's high-maintenance? He's my best friend, trusted confidant and shares my Gleek fantasies. SHOW-TUUUUUUUUUNES are our middle name.
DIZI toons
has taken up residency in the closet. What do you do with a duck who doesn't want to be a duck? It's no wonder he is filled with angst and anxiety day in and day out….and OUT is something I am determined he will be – someday!
many hopeful quackers rush to Obama to fix things, only to waddle off with more questions than answers. Is he Champion or Charlatan? Powerful or Powerless? Friend or Foe? Obama holds the reins now – we'll see who stands on these webbed feet in 2012.
OBAMA toons
When the quackery gets too loud and I need advice, I just close my eyes, take a deep breath and scurry to the edge of the Universe to my very own spirit-guide. She is always there, offering muse-ful advice - with an edge. Maybe I should keep one eye open.
COZMA toons
This raging, web-footed Republican is the Lucy to my Charlie Brown, the Wicked Witch to my Dorothy and sometimes the Voldemort to my Harry. Even though she is my personal and political antagonist, there's something I rather like about the way this spirited, serious, and sassy duck ruffles my feathers!
REGAN toons
Though she's Regan's femme gal pal for life, these two lovebirds will squawk over anything, be it frills vs. flannel or social conditioning vs. air conditioning. I often play referee, and I know the one thing that always draws them close -- their mutual girl-crush on Rachel Maddow - a crush for all the obvious reasons.
PHENIX toons