A number of years ago, I appeared to that cartoonist of mine, Earl Storm, in the midst of his graphic arts career, and just would not leave him alone. Thus possessed, Earl's duck-toons have immortalized my escapades and have evolved over the years from one incarnation to the next.

Earl and I started our journey in the 1980's, taking off with the inklings of a comic strip that offered a metaphysical perspective, set amongst a flock of soul-searching birds (CORNER OF THE SKY). We then cruised along with a line of greeting cards, and landed in the 1990's on a full-blown cartoon strip that featured a cast of gay ducks trying to figure out life (SUCH IS LIFE!) appeared in many gay/gay-friendly publications across the country.

That strip reinforced the DON'T DUCK RESPONSIBILITY HIV-Alcohol Awareness Campaign, sponsored by Stepping Stone of San Diego.

However, Earl's biggest inspirations are born from his biggest aggravations, which started with his total disgust with the Bush Administration, and continues with his frustration over Obama running hot and cold. He realized that I could no longer be just a duck. I had to become a POLITICAL DUCK! We refueled, and took off again in this, the current incarnation, as the popular internet strip, QUACK CITY!