As a political cartoonist, it is my passion and purpose in life to capture the issues of the day from a festive and feathered perspective, to use biting satire to expose society to itself, and to march toward the day when intolerance, prejudice and social injustice are alchemized into HOPE, HUMOR and HUMANITY for all, feathered and otherwise.

From the time I was a child, I was mesmerized by cartoons and coloring books. I was shy, easily intimidated and often picked on. Now, as a Gay Man who's been on the planet a while, I still witness the social injustice of prejudice and inhumanity first hand. Just when it seems that we have evolved as a society, I am deeply and harshly reminded how unenlightened America can be.

But, it is that dance between hope and disillusionment that calls me to cartoon, and in following my creative destiny, I've found strength, passion and commitment. Capturing the issues of the day from my – and yes, Buckminster's – unique point of view, adds a dimension to my art that is personal and freeing. I'm able to share my life experiences and observations as a Gay Man, and give voice to my concerns and my social activism.

It's an artful way of alchemy to stay sane in an insane world.

Outside of the toon studio, I share my life and heart with my adorable husband,
Ernie Elliott. We live a fun and festive life with our two cats, Domino and Bonzai, in the very colorful community of Hillcrest in San Diego. We are one of the 18,000 legally married same sex couples in the State of California, and we will stay that way no matter what those crazy religious bigots try to do. You can count on us to be out, and outspoken, for the cause of equality from this QUACK forward!!!